Ren accidentally tickles Aoba while they kiss.

Aoba: …Mn, hah, n— ahaha!

Ren: …Aoba?

Aoba: Sorry… Haha!

Ren: …Is something weird?

Aoba: No, it’s nothing. Sorry. I’m fine.


I would suck 3000 dicks to be good at math


*mobile blogs in front of computer*



If you don’t think that what Derek Hale wants the most is a hot bath with a glass of red wine on the side and tightly knitted woollen socks and to find the book he’s been looking for is on sale and maybe a feral cat that hesitantly learns to like him and only him and peace and quiet on a sunday afternoon with the cat curled up against him while he’s reading the book

then let me tell you a thing

No, I’m not ok. But I haven’t been ok since I was 11, maybe 12. I am still here though.
I’m still breathing. For me, sometimes, that will have to be enough.


Me in the party: Gosh golly! This beat is… Whoo! This beat is… DANDY!

Scarlett Johansson for Vogue by Mario Sorrenti [2009]


when your legs are shaved and eyebrows plucked, you’ve got your shit together